SMBExplorer - Browse and download files from CIFS shares easily


SMBExplorer is a Java application which lets you browse and download files from CIFS shares. Its aim is to be a multi-platform replacement for Windows Network Neighborhood. One big advantage is that it only lists shares and files which are really accessible. No dead hosts are shown.


25/01/2005 Release of version 0.31. Cosmetic changes have been perfomed.
13/01/2005 Executable jar-file added.
08/01/2005 Initial public version (0.30) released and web page set up.


Screenshot of SMBExplorer


This software is licensed under the GPL. It comes with no warranty.


Installation and usage

You need either the Java Develoment Kit or the Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or higher. Download SMBExplorer.jar and run:

java -jar SMBExplorer.jar


Send comments, suggestions, critics to Sebastian Freitag or Markus Heinz.