Epson_Setup - Control the text mode of your Epson dot matrix printer


Epson_Setup is a small utility for controlling text mode printing with an Epson dot matrix printer. You can choose:


17/09/2003 Initial version released and web page set up.

Printers supported

The following printers are supported by the current version:

If you find this tool to work with your printer please let me know so I can add it to the list.


Screenshot of Epson_Setup program


This software is licensed under the GPL. It comes with no warranty.



Installation and usage

You have to unpack and compile the software. You need gtk+-1.2, gtkmm-1.2 and libsigc++-1.0 installed.

This software does not compile with gcc 3.4 or newer.

You might have to edit the Makefile to suit your needs.

Just do:

tar xzvf epson_setup-0.1.tar.gz
cd epson_setup
vi Makefile
make install

After that you can start the utility simply by invoking:


As printing command you need to enter a command which sends the data untouched to the printer. On my system I use

lpr -Praw

for that purpose. raw is a printing queue which does not filter the data and passes it unchanged to the printer.


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